Tips on safety from Workplace Safety and Health Council

At Deliveroo, safety is taken seriously. We have collaborated with the Workplace Safety and Health Council to remind you of some of the most useful tips when you're out making deliveries. Our priority is that you and others feel safe at all times when you’re on the road with us.

Here are some of the key things to remember when on the road:

Maintain a safety range

Riding too close to vehicles is very dangerous as the driver may not be able to see you due to the blindspot.

Please allow enough space between you at the vehicle so that you’re always visible to all road users.

Stay hydrated

It’s really important to stay hydrated whenever you’re out in the heat. Keep a bottle of water with you so you can keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Avoid using phone while riding

Holding a mobile phone while you’re on the road distracts your full attention from controlling your vehicle and working safely. Always use a hands-free device while riding and if you do need to pick up your phone, park up in a safe place.

Rest if you're ill

If you’re feeling unwell, riding can be dangerous as you might be less alert to your surroundings. Visit the doctor if necessary and get sufficient rest at home before riding again.

If you’re suffering from any contagious virus, open sores or wounds, eye infections or skin conditions, you shouldn’t be doing deliveries. Make sure you get the medical treatment you need and do not work until 48 hours after your symptoms have passed.

Using mask as protection against pollution

Breathing in gases produced by motor vehicles can risk health problems such as coughing and breathing difficulties. It’s a good idea to wear a mask whenever you can as it prevents dust and harmful gases entering your lungs.

Stay safe during bad weather

During bad weather, we recommend using suitable safety equipment to keep you dry and maximise your visibility to other road users. If the conditions are particularly bad, try to find shelter. Of course, in adverse weather conditions we will adjust our operations for safety reasons. In these particularly bad circumstances, try to find shelter.

For more details and safety tips, please visit the WSH Council website here.