International Women’s Day featuring Syaza

Deliveroo celebrates International Women’s Day on the 8th March and we invited Syaza, one of the prominent women Deliveroo riders in Singapore to speak to us on her delivery experience. We ask her a few questions in the interview - find out her answers below!

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Do you ride full-time or part-time with Deliveroo?

Full time but not always on the road cause sometimes I take rest or have external classes.

I’m attending religious classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, sometimes weekend too. The classes are held at a institution called PERGAS. Sometimes if I had to do revision for a test, I will cancel all my shifts to study which is why I chose Deliveroo as it is very flexible!

What made you decide to become a Deliveroo rider?

Flexible, easy to understand, the only company that has events for riders, fast replies from their ops team and the pay is just amazing!

How did your friends/family react when they first heard that you’ve joined Deliveroo as a rider?

At first, it was just part time, they were ok cause they thought I work for side income, then things got serious when I say recently I wanna work as a “full time”. They say “no CPF” in the future, then also the job is not a fix pay job! I couldn’t be bothered cause what I know is that I love what I’m doing and I have time for myself. Some of my friends are supportive while some asked me to find another job but life is about choices, and I chose Deliveroo 🙂

Do you support anyone with your income from Deliveroo?

Nope, I only support myself. But I do give some amount of my earning to my family and sometimes treat them something.

What do you like about riding with Deliveroo?

Flexibility to work, of course! Well, its also about the pause in between that I could also have time to pray, have lunch and take a break. Sometimes if its too hot I go back and shower a bit to get myself refreshed! Haha. The distance-based fees are also a plus too cause I could earn a lot if I’m hardworking and don’t waste time.

Is there any part of your work that you enjoy the most?

When the food is ready when I reach, hahaha! Having a small conversation with the customer also. Sometimes a statement like “ride safely ya” could make me smile for the entire shift.

As a woman, are there any advantages to being a Deliveroo rider?

I think the only thing that comes in my mind is you’ll get noticed more if you’re a women rider and sometimes the restaurant knows you, so before you reach the counter they know you’re taking for Deliveroo. Fellow riders also tend to help you more when you faced some challenges along the way.

Would you encourage other women to join Deliveroo as a rider? If so, why?

Yes, I would! First of all, it’s flexible, those women who already have families that need more time with their family, I would encourage to work with Deliveroo. Why? Because if you work for only a few hours a day or a week, you can earn enough I guess? And this job is not a “tough” job as you think. If you love riding and interacting with people, then join Deliveroo! You will love what you’re doing, no pressure and work as you are!

What is something that customers don’t know about being a Deliveroo rider?

I would say they don’t know how much are we being paid cause some of them look down on us. They thought that we earn very low. Customer will ask me eh why you don’t want to find a proper job. My answer will be, “This is the proper job :D”

Have customers reacted differently when they find out you are a woman when you drop off their food?

Of cause, almost everyday I have a different reaction but I’m used to it. Sometimes I get tips because I’m a woman and maybe have a small chat with them cause they start asking questions. But very commonly they are shocked because I ride a motorcycle to deliver the order.

There’s this time when the customer, an auntie actually thought I am the pillion rider!

Do you still remember being a rider for the first time – what are some of the difficult things that you had to do and how do you face the challenges? Any pleasant surprises?

When it was raining, my fear was the food (and the packaging) will get damaged by the rainwater but luckily the customer was really understanding when he received his food. Of course, from then on, I took more consideration to protect the food when it rains. Quick tip for new riders, always bring your raincoat, it will always help!

If you could share one piece of advice with other women that are considering becoming Deliveroo riders but are hesitant, what would it be?

Join Deliveroo, you’ll make a lot of friends. An advantage is also if you’re lost or don’t know what to do, ask any rider for help, they are most willing to help us women – and not to worry, they will respect us also.