Two new zones to replace SGTT

Introducing two new zones to replace SGTT

After listening to your feedback on how we can improve your experience in SGTT, we’re making some changes to the way the zones are structured in the east of the island. From Monday 7th January 2019, we will split SGTT into two new zones:

  • SGPR – Pasir Ris
  • SGTP – Tampines

The map above illustrates what the area currently covered by SGTT looks like now, and how it will look after the changes are made. All other zones will remain exactly the same. See below for a full map of the Singapore zones, which will be correct as of Monday 7th January 2019:

Slots timings in the new zones will be the same as those in SGTT. Visit the Delivery Areas page in our Help Centre for more information on zones, including recommendations for the best places to log-in and tips for maximising your earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any slots you have booked in SGTT for 7th January onwards will disappear when the new zones go live, so make sure you book those in the new zones from 31st December onwards.

On Monday 31st December 2018, sessions will become available for the following week (commencing 7th January 2019) when the new zones go live. You can book these using the Planner inside your rider app. Learn more about self-serve booking (SSB).

Slots in all other zones will be unaffected.

Peak hour incentives for fee-per-delivery riders will remain the same as SGTT in the new zones.

If you ride in either SGPR or SGTP and complete an order in the other zone, you may be offered orders from restaurants in that zone too. Equally, if either SGPR or SGTP is quiet but there are orders available in the other zone, you may be offered those too. This will apply to zones SGPR and SGTP, in addition to others in the CBD. Learn more about this feature.

Yes! Go to our Telegram page for more information and links to join the new zone groups.