SGCT Zone Changes

Introducing four new zones to replace SGCT

After listening to your feedback on how we can improve your experience in SGCT, we’re making some changes to the way our zones are structured in the CBD. From Monday 2nd July 2018, we will split SGCT into four new zones:

  • SGCC – Chinatown-Clarke Quay
  • SGOT – Orchard-Tanglin
  • SGBG – Bugis
  • SGBK – Bukit Merah

From Monday we are also moving a portion of Little India and Jalan Besar from SGCT to SGNT. All other zones will remain exactly the same. See below for a full map of the Singapore zones, correct as of Monday 2nd July 2018:

Visit the Delivery Areas page in our Help Centre for more information on zones, including recommendations for the best places to log-in and tips for maximising your earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have slots booked in SGCT for next week, these will disappear on Monday morning and you will be required to book again in the four new zones. This means that, on Monday 2nd July, slots will open in the four new zones for both next week and the week after.

Slots in SGNT will be unaffected, but please note that the delivery area will change from Monday onwards. Slots in all other zones will be unaffected.

On Monday morning, all time slots in the new zones for next week (commencing 2nd July) will become available. for you to book. Slots for the following week (commencing 9th July) will also be released on Monday as normal, including those for the four new zones.

Incentives – if any – for active fee-per-drop riders will be announced on Sunday to all qualifying riders.

During times of high demand, there is a small chance that riders in any zone could be offered an order from a restaurant in a zone next to the one they booked to ride in.

We are trialling a feature in two of our new zones to help riders make more after delivering an order to a customer in a different zone. Riders who have slots in either SGCC or SGBG may also be offered orders in the other zone. Learn more about this feature.

Yes! Go to our Telegram page for more information and links to join the new zone groups.