Rider Restaurant Awards

Vote for your favourite restaurant and win $25 Deliveroo credits

Do you have a favourite restaurant you love picking up orders from? Is there a restaurant always keeping the food ready on time when you arrive? A restaurant whose staff is courteous and polite? Or is there a restaurant that goes above and beyond? Here’s your chance to tell us about your favourite restaurants and appreciate their efforts by participating in our Rider Restaurant Awards.

From 17th January 2019 to 27th February 2019 , you can vote for your favourite Deliveroo restaurant.  Once the voting is completed. we will be picking the top 3 restaurants with maximum rider votes to receive the awards. It’s super easy, simply fill up the form below to vote!

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How will this work?

Simply fill up this form above. Once your submission is done, we will be picking the top 3 most voted restaurants. The restaurants will then be awarded a “Rider Restaurant Award” trophy, and be able to display a “2018 Deliveroo Riders’ Favourite” sticker on their shop front, in recognition of their popularity with riders.

$25 Deliveroo Credits to be won!

Additionally, if you vote, you stand a chance to win $25 Deliveroo credits! Two riders will be picked in a lucky draw at the end of the voting period, i.e. 27th February 2019, 2359hrs to win $25 credits each. We will notify the lucky draw winners on the last day of February 2019.

What is the criteria to take into account?

It is super easy. You can vote for the restaurant simply because you like it! However, we made key pointers for you to consider for the awards:

  • Friendliness of the staff
  • Attentiveness and service level
  • Great preparation time of orders (always on time!)
  • Empathetic towards riders (offering water for you perhaps?)

When is the last date of submission?

You can vote until 27th February 2019, and the results will be announced at the end of February.