Rider Restaurant Awards Winner

Here are the winners of the Rider Restaurant Awards

From 17th Jan to 27th Feb, we asked you to vote for your favourite – the restaurant that you love picking up orders from. This may have been because they were friendly towards Deliveroo riders, attentive in terms of their service level, always on time with their food preparation or even very empathetic towards riders. We know that these restaurants deserve recognition for their efforts! Deliveroo riders have voted and we now have the winners of our first ever Rider Restaurant Awards!

After over 1300 responses collected, our riders’ choices of winning restaurants are:

  • The Daily Cut, Marina One has consistently received praise from riders for its low wait-time for riders who are picking up food – most riders who voted for this outlet praised the restaurant’s on-time food preparation!
  • Crave, Compass One received favourable feedback from rider voters, regarding the friendliness of its staff to Deliveroo’s riders. It also received praise for its on-time food preparation, and minimising riders wait time at the restaurant.
  • Maki San, Compass One Most rider voters praised Maki San’s staff – their friendliness towards riders has helped the restaurant connect with riders. This outlet also received positive feedback for its timely food preparation.

More details on the award

The winning restaurants will also receive a whole host of benefits, with their Deliveroo Rider restaurant Awards Trophies! These include top placements in the Deliveroo app for two weeks, as well as goodie bags with Deliveroo merchandise for restaurant staff.

We would like to thank everyone who had taken the time to vote for your favourite restaurant and if you had missed our announcement of our two lucky draw winners, head down to our Facebook or Instagram account to find out more!