In-app Rider Feedback Button

Your feedback is incredibly important. We’re always looking to get your thoughts on why you choose to ride with Deliveroo – and what we could be doing to make your experience on the road with us even better.

Starting 3rd December 2017, you'll be given the power to tell us how it went after every order. Give each order a ‘thumbs up’ if it went well, or a ‘thumbs down’ if it could have been better. Then tell us why - did the restaurant make you wait too long? Was it difficult to contact the customer? Was the order missing some sides?

Our tech team develop improvements and updates based on what we believe will make your rider experience better. Our team will only ever view the feedback as aggregated data, meaning your responses will never be linked back to you. Take a moment to tell us what you think and we’ll work to develop the improvements that make the biggest difference to how you work.

We’re committed to helping you make more, so you’ll still be available to receive orders while giving feedback. Take a moment to tell us what you think and we’ll work to help you earn more with Deliveroo.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All feedback is aggregated, meaning that the team will never view feedback linked to an individual rather but rather as the overall feedback linked to a particular issue.

No. You are still available to accept orders while providing feedback.

Not at the moment. Our priority is to find out more about what makes an order unsatisfactory for you – so that we can work on fixing this. However, we might add further positive feedback mechanisms into the function eventually.

We have launched this new feature with a short list of some of the most common reasons riders tell us they are unhappy with an order. These were selected to make it quick and easy for you to respond. Should you wish to add another response, or more detail, please do so by selecting the ‘Other’ field and typing your full reason there. We will review these responses also and may add additional reasons to the list over time.