Rider Bistro @ Kurry Korner

Here’s an update on our second “Rider Bistro” which we held on Wednesday, 27th March 2019. It took place at Kurry Korner in SGOT River Valley. Kurry Korner is a fine dining restaurant that serves amazing freshly cooked Indian Cuisine food such as butter chicken, naan, tandoori chicken and many more.

3 riders managed to participate at this awesome event. This initiative between restaurant staff and Deliveroo riders allowed them to spend quality bonding time talking about challenges both face daily, be it in the kitchen or while making deliveries.

Kurry Korner staff welcomed our riders and they’re ever so eager to share their experiences and challenges. Our riders were able to help around the kitchen in preparing and packing of food, as well as assist the storefront in getting those order out quick. They even shared some cooking tips and the origins of the food they’re serving. Riders were able to experience this first hand and also understand that sometimes things don’t run perfectly!

Both sides played a huge role in delivering food and this initiative was all about bringing our riders and restaurants together, and opening up communication between the two about the unique challenges that each half faces.

We are looking into more collaboration with our restaurant partners. If you’re keen to be part of Rider Bistro and already have Basic Food Hygiene Course certification, do let us know. Keep your eyes peeled on this page for more photos from other restaurant partners soon!