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We are really excited to have you back riding with us. While you were away, we have made several changes. If you’re unable to login please complete this Form.

New Feature Update

There's more exciting feature that you have missed! Let’s get back on track and keep you updated.

20 Apr 2020 - Free Login Islandwide

We have fully switched to 100% free login islandwide. We hope with the new changes, you will get to enjoy even greater freedom and flexibility.

23 Mar 2020 - Free Login (SGJW, SGBC, SGAB, SGBD)

These four zones will become free login zones in addition to seven other zones that we’ve introduced since September 2019. In these zones, you can login when you want to work and begin accepting orders, without having to book sessions in the Planner. Read more.

10 Feb 2020 - Free Login (SGWL, SGYS, SGTP, SGPR)

From Monday 10 February 2020, these four zones will be opened up to free login zones in addition to SGBJ, SGBQ, and SGSP which have used free login since September 2019. In these zones, you can log in when you want to work and begin accepting orders, without having to book sessions in the Planner. Read more.

7 Feb 2020 - Late Night Extension

Starting Friday 7 Feb, we will be providing more opportunities for you to earn by extending our operation hours in SGAB, SGBD, SGBG, SGBQ, SGCC, SGKG, SGNT, SGOT, SGSP, SGWL and SGYS. These zones will be extended to serve late night order till 4AM every Friday and Saturday. Read more.

18 Dec 2019 - Commercial Insurance

If you want to start riding with Deliveroo, it’s very important that you have the right insurance in place. If you don’t have the right cover for food delivery work, you won’t be protected if an accident takes place during a session. More importantly, you won’t be riding on the road legally during the time you’re delivering food. We are here to ensure that your safety is not compromised when you ride with us. Read more.

11 Dec 2019 - Opening 7am To All Zones

You can book sessions in these new time slots via the Planner in the rider app, where you will also be able to see a $1 additional surge for every completed order during these times. Alternatively, you can go online at any time from 7am in all free login zones without the need to book a session. Any $1 surges will also apply in free login zones. Read more.

30 Sep 2019 - Free Login (SGSP, SGBQ, SGBJ)

In these zones, you can log in when you want to work and begin accepting orders, without having to book sessions in the Planner.

18 Jul 2019 - Take Time-Off

You’ll be able to take time off from working with Deliveroo as long as you want, without affecting your statistics! We’re giving you more flexibility. From the time you stop riding, until the time you start riding with us again, your statistics will remain the same. However, you still need to cancel all auto booking slots prior to 24 hours from the slot time to maintain your statistics. Here’s more information.

10 Jun 2019 - Breakfast Zones

Starting 10th June 2019, we are making changes to our operating hours in all zones except SGCC, SGOT, SGBQ, SGNT, SGKG, SGBK, SGBG, SGSP, and SGST which remain unchanged. SGTP, SGAB, SGJW, SGBD, SGHG, SGBJ, SGYS, SGBC, SGPR, and SGWL will be opening earlier than the current time of 11.00 am. Slots will start at 8am on weekdays and 9am on weekends. The closing hour remains unchanged in all of the zones. New slots will become available for these zones:

  • 8.00am to 9.00am (weekdays only)
  • 9.00am to 10.30am
  • 10.30am to 12.00pm (this will replace the existing 11am-12pm slot)

Read more information.

8 Jun 2019 - Cash out Feature

Now, every fee-per-delivery rider can cash out their fees at any time, as often as you want – even after just one order. Click Get Paid in your app and get your money within 3 working days. Do note that incentive cannot be paid via cash out and each requested transfer cost $1. Alternatively, you can still wait for the usual bi-weekly payment. Of course, this method is free.

4 Feb 2019 - Deliveroo Rider App

You can now download the Rider App directly from both Apple store and Android store. 




Log into your rider account:

  •  Enter your email or contact number, ensure you input +65 > Continue
  •  Wait for the email or SMS by Deliveroo RS for the security code
  •  Enter your security code accordingly and log in

*Note* Please ensure your contact number is as per registered in our system. If you have changed your contact details do update us here.

4 Sep 2018 - Distance-based fees

For fee-per-delivery riders, you will receive fees for each order you complete under the distance-based fee structure. This takes into account how far each order is estimated to take you. You will also earn a higher fee for longer distance. Here’s more Guide to Fees information.

6 Dec 2017 - In-App Rider Support Chat

If you encounter problems during delivery, you can now directly get help through the rider app in the menu bar. This feature is only available when you’re online. Use the chat for order related only.

27 Nov 2017 - Self-Serve Booking (SSB) Planner

You can directly book sessions directly from the rider app.  Self-serve booking allows you to choose to book sessions in advance or, where more riders are needed. This gives you the flexibility to log in to any zones that have availability, as well as the option to book and cancel sessions.

Other relevant information

Equipment Safety Standards

You must carry equipment that meets the standards for every delivery, to ensure food remains warm, safe, and hygienic while in transit. Learn more regarding Equipment Safety Standards.

Rider Kit Store

All equipment can be purchased in the Rider Kit Store. We have new kit arrivals in store. Get yours now! Forgot your login password? Do click on the “Forget Password” and key in the same email address that you use to register with us, you will receive an email for you to reset the password.  If you don’t have an account yet, please contact us using the Help button below.

Clustered Zones

Completing a delivery in another zone means additional time spent travelling back to your zone for your next delivery – crucially, that is time when you are not then earning. Many of you have told us that the downside of this is the need to travel back to your booked zone before receiving another order. For more details about the clustering zones, click the link below: 

6th May 2019 –  SGTP has been extended to serve the newly launched Jewel Changi Airport. Aside from being an amazing new Singapore landmark, Jewel Changi Airport is home to a wide range of restaurants, and we are excited to begin including many of these on the Deliveroo platform. You may be offered orders from Jewel Changi Airport as well. Riders in SGTP will have the flexibility to earn even more with this wonderful new addition. Here’s more information.

Delivery Zones Update

Deliveroo operates across 19 areas in Singapore that are called zones. With the self-serve booking tool (SSB), you have the freedom to book and cancel slots in whichever zone you like. Learn more about your Areas now!

Telegram Chat Group

We want to help every rider across the island to stay up-to-date with everything that is going on in the Deliveroo community. To help achieve this, we’ve created an official Telegram chat group for riders in Singapore. We also highly recommend you to follow our official broadcast channel, where you receive first-hand information such as updates, news or even fun stuff for you to take part! Join your prefer Telegram group now!