Contacting Us for Pay/Drops questions

Examples of non-live order issues are availability (Self-serve Booking tool), fees (rooferral bonus, drops etc), equipment etc.

In your pay invoice, there is a link that directs you straight to our fee query form. Fill that up and we will follow up accordingly.

We aim to reply your question within 2 to 5 working days.

Call 995 for help at first instance if required.
If you want some help, call our Rider Support Emergency Hotline at 3158 4714. They will try to send another delivery partner to assist you immediately.
If you are physically ok and don’t need help, but do not wish to continue accepting orders, mark yourself unavailable so that we do not offer you new orders to you.
Do email us at [email protected] to inform of this accident details, time and location so we are aware of your situation should any third party be worried about you. We will also check on your status and / or visit you to offer our support, and some recovery gifts 🙂

We understand that sometimes questions are better answered in person than via emails. We now have an experienced personnel who will be able to answer any questions that you might have. Book a slot here to meet us: