Make more in SGPR and SGTP from 7th Jan 2019

Riders in SGPR and SGTP can make more with our new feature

Completing a delivery in another zone means additional time spent travelling back to your zone for your next delivery – crucially, that is time when you are not then earning. Many of you have told us that the downside of this is the need to travel back to your booked zone before receiving another order.

To address this, we’ll be launching a feature for riders in new zones SGPR and SGTP. This will go live along with the new zones themselves on Monday 7th January 2019, after SGTT is split in two.

If you ride in either SGPR or SGTP and complete an order in the other zone, you may be offered orders from restaurants in that zone too. Equally, if either SGPR or SGTP is quiet but there are orders available in the other zone, you may be offered those too.

We’re looking forward to offering you more orders and opening up even more choice to customers, but remember, how you work is completely up to you! Read below for further information.

  • Example: A rider books a slot in SGPR and logs in to that zone as normal
  • After delivering an order to a customer in SGTP, the rider starts travelling back to their booked zone (SGPR). However, during this time, the rider may be offered more orders in SGTP too.
  • This can also work vice-versa for SGTP riders completing orders in SGPR.

In addition to SGPR/SGTP, this feature is also live for SGCC/SGBG and SGOT/SGBK. All other zones are unaffected and will operate as normal.