Equipment Purchase & Return

What does Deliveroo provide?

Deliveroo provides all riders with the necessary delivery needs! You can purchase additional items through the Deliveroo Online Store and the best part is, shipping is always free.

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– Cyclists Reflective Jacket
– Roll-top Backpack
– Thermal Bag
– Halal Food Only Bag
– Smartphone support
– Adjustable helmet


– Scooter/Motorcyclist Reflective Jacket
– Cube Thermal Backpack
– Thermal Bag
– Halal Food Only Bag
– Smartphone support

For any purchase of kit, you may log in to your Shopify account:
Please disregard the option for self-collection in Deliveroo office as all orders will be delivered to your home address.

Returning the equipment is only applicable for those who paid a deposit in order to acquire their equipment. If you joined after 11th Sep 2017, this will not be applicable to you as you purchased the equipment through our Shopify platform.

Deliveroo Recommends the use of all of our available set, including branded shirt, waterproof trousers, jacket, thermal delivery backpack and the thermal bag.

However, we have certain equipment requirements when partnering with us. We call this the Safety Standard Requirements. If you are delivering orders for Deliveroo you must use all the equipment stated under our Safety Standard Requirements. This does not need to be Deliveroo branded equipment – you can use your own kit as long as it meets the safety stands. Failing to have this safety kit while working is a breach of your supplier agreement.

Unsure of our Kit Safety Standards?

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