Celebrating International Women's Day: A Conversation with Grace Fan

While we believe that women should be celebrated all year long, this International Women’s Day, we thought we’d take the opportunity to turn an extra spotlight on Grace Fan to find out what it’s like being on the road as a female rider.

Tell us abit about yourself.

Many years ago, I obtained a motorcycle license for the primary purpose of helping me with my grocery runs. I later observed that an increasing number of riders on the road began working with food delivery services so I decided to try it for myself. Since then, I have been riding with Deliveroo to earn some income; supporting my husband and three children.  

How did your family and friends react?

My children were a little wary of my safety at the beginning but I assured them that I’m very confident on the road and they’ve grown to be very supportive of my choices since then. My husband too is very encouraging of my decision to ride and make deliveries.

What do you enjoy most about riding with Deliveroo?

I appreciate how I can make deliveries on a “own time, own target” basis. This is also made easier with Deliveroo’s very user-friendly app interface and an amazing group of riders who almost feels like family.

Do you feel there are any advantages to being a female rider?

There are instances when other riders will show more concern towards my well-being, reminding me to be more cautious while I’m on the road. I’ve also encountered customers who are particular impressed to discover that a female rider is delivering their food and it warms my heart.

Would you encourage other women to join Deliveroo as a rider? If so, why?

Certainly! It is a flexible alternative to generate some income, especially for women like me who wish to support our families but do not want to be bound to the constraints of full-time employment. For those who are unsure, you’ll never know till you give it a try.

Is there a woman you admire or look up to?

My mother. We just celebrated her 76th birthday. Till this day, she’s still working to support herself and I really admire her for that. She embodies the kind of person that I aspire to be and I believe she’s an exemplary role model for myself as well as other women out there.