Tech round-up: How do you know when to offer me an order?

Tech round-up: How do you know when to offer me an order?

How do you know when to offer me an order?

You told us that when you arrive at the restaurant, sometimes the order is ready for pick up and other times you have to wait there for a few minutes. Why does this happen?

In December last year, we introduced you to Frank – the technology we use to decide which rider to offer which order. Missed it? Click here to find out more.

This time, we’re talking about how Frank decides when to offer you orders.

First, Frank works out when the restaurant will have an order ready. It does this by looking at a number of factors, like what type of food is being prepared and how busy the restaurant is at that time.

Then, Frank works out who is the best-located rider to deliver that order at the right time. The time it takes to deliver an order depends on lots of things, like the distance needed to travel, the amount of traffic on the roads and how long it may take to park up. We look at every single thing to work out how long it should take a rider to get to the restaurant.

Frank uses this information to work out if you’re the best-located rider for the order. If so, you’ll be offered the order at the right moment – to make sure your arrival time at the restaurant will best match the time that the order will be ready for pick up. This way, the amount of time you spend waiting at the restaurant will be as short as possible.

How do we collect your feedback?

We know Frank doesn’t get this right every time, but we’re always working to get better. For example:

  • If restaurants are very busy or it takes longer than expected to prepare the order, we’ll learn for next time and allow more preparation time before you’re offered the order.
  • We also take on board when you swipe at each stage of an order. If there’s a long gap between the time you tell us you’ve arrived at the restaurant and the time you tell us you’ve picked up the order, we’ll use this to make our timings more accurate.

What can you do to help? When you reach each stage of an order, you swipe in the app to keep us updated with the progress. It’s really important that you swipe at the right times so that we can be more accurate with our timing for future orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We collect feedback on long wait times at restaurants with the following:

  • Data captured when you swipe throughout an order.
  • The rating you share at the end of each delivery.

We put all this information together and use it to make improvements. We also work with restaurants to help them improve their process to reduce wait times.