Tech round-up: Hints and Tips

We want you to get the most out of riding with Deliveroo, so here are some handy features, tips and tricks we think you should know.

Get the best delivery route, every time!

When you’re making deliveries, it’s totally up to you to choose the route you think is best (as long as it’s safe). To get the best delivery route every single time, check your Settings are set up to work best for you.

Map settings

Tap Settings > Map Settings to check that your map routes are the right ones for your mode of transport and choose to add traffic information.

Other map apps

Everyone has a favourite map app that they use to get real time traffic information, we’ve heard a lot of riders use Waze, but did you know you can set this as your default map in the rider app?  To do this, download your chosen map app on your phone. Then, when you’re on any map view within the rider app, select the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a list of your map options. Select your favourite app and the map will switch over straight away.

To set this as the default map for the rider app, go to Settings > Open in Maps, then tap the map app you’d like to use.

Switch between app and map
(Android only – sorry iOS users!)

There’s a great shortcut for switching between two apps on an android device – big thanks to the rider who let us know about this! It means you can effortlessly switch between the rider app and a map. To make the most of this feature, open the two apps you want to switch between and double-tap the Recents button when you want to change apps (a single tap will open the recent apps screen).

The hidden game
(iOS only – sorry Android users!)

Have you found the hidden game in the rider app?  

When you’re online in a booking zone, tap the bike so it doesn’t hit the trees. You’ll see your score climbing with each jump, but if you don’t manage to avoid the trees, you’ll have to start the game again.

Home time


We know it can be frustrating when you’re delivering an order and you’ve made your mind up that this is going to be your last one. Then, just as you’re just about to go offline, PING! – another order has been offered to you. To avoid this happening, go to the Menu whilst you’re still on your order and select the ‘Make this my last order’ checkbox. 

No other orders will come your way.

Go darker
(iOS only – sorry Android users!)



To save battery, reduce the brightness of the screen and see some pretty cool colours – you can use the invert colours feature on iOS.

On your iPhone (iOS 11) go to Settings> General > Accessibility > scroll to the bottom, then tap Accessibility Shortcut and select SmartClassic Invert Colours. When you triple-click the home button, the colours will now change on your iPhone immediately.

Something wrong with the app?



Spotted something strange in the app? We want to know about it! You can select ‘Give app feedback’ from the Menu and report any problems or any suggestions you have.

You can take screen recordings and screenshots to help us understand the problem. We’re always monitoring this feedback, but please be aware that this is purely for suggestions and issues. We won’t be able to respond to these messages – so when you need help or have a specific question, please contact Rider Support if it’s about an order you’re currently delivering, or Help Centre if it’s anything else.