Registering Your E-scooter

Submitting your e-scooter registration number is quick and easy – please submit your registration certificate to us here. All you need to do is send us a screenshot of your registration certificate – take a look at the sample below.

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If you have an unregistered e-scooter, please follow these steps and ensure that your e-scooter will be registered by 1st July 2019:

  1. Before registering your e-scooter for use on public paths, check if your device needs to be registered. To understand this further, please click here.
  2. Before you register, ensure that your e-scooter complies with the device criteria under the Active Mobility Act:
    • Maximum device unladen weight of 20kg
    • Maximum device width of 70cm
    • Maximum device speed of 25km/h
  3. You can register your e-scooter online, or at any Post Office (only until 30 June 2019).
  4. Fabricate an Identification Mark bearing the unique registration number assigned by LTA. You may also find a list of vendors that provides service to produce the sign marks.
  5. After registering, you will receive a Registration Mark bearing the unique registration number.
  6. Affix the LTA Registration Mark and the Identification Mark on your e-scooter within 14 calendar days after registration. You may find the list of sign craft shops below:
  7. You may now submit your registration certificate with us here.

For more info, please visit Onemotoring’s website