Dining with the Roos #4

Afterwit was inspired by an afterthought of pairing Mexican-influenced fare with an indie cafe experience. Given a dearth of halal Mexican options, Afterwit has established itself as a cult favourite among those with a penchant for spicy flavours, or looking for a sweet spot to chill out or do work.

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We understand your frustrations, especially when it comes to payment. We have since set up a dedicated channel for all payment enquiries so that they can be prioritised. Do fill our Fee Query Form: https://goo.gl/z7WRgm for faster responses!

Some of you were happy with the changes, because it has increased your deliveries which in turn translate to greater earnings for you. However, some of you were not as happy – some delivery distances had increased, limiting the number of drops that could be completed.

In view of that, we have looked at the data and distances have in fact remained relatively constant. We will continue to monitor this closely to ensure everything remain at the healthy range.

The weather in Singapore is very unpredictable and sometimes heavy rain can catch us by surprise.

Your safety is of utmost important to us – only ride when it’s safe to do so! If you are available and happen to accept an order, you can always wait for a while for the skies to clear before heading to your restaurant.