Land Transport Authority's Safe Riding Programme

Your safety is our priority. This is why we have a number of measures in place to help keep you and other road users safe. We have teamed up with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to offer you the opportunity to participate in the Safe Riding Programme (SRP). The SRP covers what you need to know to help you and others have a safe and pleasant journey when you’re out there delivering.

Practical session

We have collaborated with Asian Detours, one of LTA’s appointed training providers, to conduct the SRP. The 90-min session covers the must-know components from the syllabus and the trainers from Asian Detours will guide you through a fun training circuit where you will practise essential skills in order to ride safe in different path scenarios.

The SRP practical session, will be open to all Deliveroo riders starting from August 2018. Devices and helmets will be made available during sessions.

Please find the details for the upcoming Safe Riding Programme practical session below:

Venue: TBA
Date: 1st quarter of 2020
Time: 2.30pm to 4pm

The Safe Riding Programme, will be open to all Deliveroo riders. Please sign-up now to register your interest!

Introduction videos

The SRP is a 90-minute practical and theory session that covers the proper use of riding facilities, safe riding practices and the rules and code of conduct under the Active Mobility Act. We recommend you watch these videos to find out about the key takeaways in the programme.


As you ride almost every day, LTA’s SRP guidebook is a comprehensive and essential resource for you to learn how to ride safe. Click on the link below to find the four modules: