Deliveroo X AloRide Motor Rentals

AloRide have a variety of bikes for you to choose from. They provide good client service and most of all, they're friendly! They do not have an office to collect the bikes from.

So AloRide partnered up with HKL Lim Team Motorsport and they'll assist AloRide in handing over the motorbike to you and also attend to repairs whenever needed.

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1008 Bukit Merah Lane 3 #01-24
Singapore 159722
Tel: +65 31591188

Website here

Motorbike Rental

10% discount on motorcycle rental.
*Min. 1 week rental.

Repairs and Maintenance

Potential 100% reimbursement for repairs and maintenance in most cases.

The rider have to bear the costs is when the Eligible Rider gets into an accident at their fault.

Rider will need to pay upfront for all repair for the bike. Repair cost will be refunded if the Company can claim back from the 3rd party due to their fault , which can take from 1-3 months.

HKL Lim Motorsports Collaboration

For every 1000 km mileage, riders are able to get free oil and coolant change at HKL Lim Motorsports, or claimable with receipt if the rider had serviced at another workshop.