Delivering orders

See below for some things to look out for when delivering orders

Now, all of our zones are free login. Meaning you can choose where and when you want to complete deliveries. Simply choose the zone you want and go online! You can refer to Delivery Areas in your Rider Info Center for the list of recommended locations to log in. Toggle to the right (green button) and you are ready to receive orders!

Once you have toggled yourself as available, orders will be offered to you. You will receive a notification and you simply have to swipe right to accept it! Keep an eye on your app for orders being offered to you, you can do so by checking the last updated status on your screen.

Any problem that you face when you are actively on an order is considered a live order issue. They include navigation issues (cannot find restaurant/customer), long wait times at restaurant, uncontactable customers and many more. Do contact Rider support at +65 3158 4714 or go to live chat in the rider app if you need any further help or if you are not able to connect to Customer.

There is an app feature called Make This My Last Order. Mark it when you wish to stop receiving orders after the current order. Do note that this only appears when you are offered an order or on an active order.

Mark yourself as unavailable in the rider app when your availability ends in order to stop receiving orders.
You can also make use of the app feature called Make This My Last Order. Mark it when you expect that your current order will be delivered just when you availability ends. Do note that this only appears when you are offered an order or on an active order.

Your safety is our utmost concern. If it is raining too heavily with poor visibility on the road in your area, you can choose to toggle to the left and mark yourself as unavailable if you no longer wish to receive orders. If you have an order on hand, hang on to the order and move off as soon as the skies clear. There is no need to contact Live Order Support.

Swipe right to “Confirmed at Restaurant” in your rider app. Restaurants may request the order number that you are collecting when you arrive, this is available within the app. Before leaving the restaurant, check with restaurant staff that you have all items before leaving – this is important! You wouldn’t want to reach a hungry customer to realise you forgot their favourite dish…

Make sure that all items are packed nicely – separate the cold and hot food and ensure that all soups are secured so that they do not spill!

Swipe right to “Picked Up” after picking up the food so your customer knows their order status and can be ready when you reach. Follow the customer’s address on the app, not the receipt as it could be inaccurate – unless advise otherwise by Live Order Support.

We suggest that you remove your helmet before approaching your customer so that they can catch a glimpse of the hero who sent them their food! Press on the bell and wait for your customer to open your door.
If no one answers the door, contact them through the call function in the app.

Your safety is our utmost concern. Please call 995 to get professional emergency assistance immediately first and thereafter to call Live Order Support and we will take care of the order for you.