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Resurgence Jeans at 10% off!

Get yourself the most reliable abrasion-resistant jeans for a cheaper price! BHH is offering 10% discount on all Resurgence jeans. It comes with the impact pads to protect the areas that are more prone to get injured. (U.P: $189-$319)

10% discount for RAM Mounts Handphone Holders

If you’re thinking of getting a new handphone holder, RAM Mounts offer the best in terms of durability and stability. You’ll only be able to get this rare 10% discount on these products if you’re an active Deliveroo rider! (U.P: $110-$130)

Get hooked with ROK straps made 10% cheaper for you

ROK Straps can be used for your daily life especially for those riders who strap on their big thermal bags on your motorcycles or bicycles! Made with a durable material, they can last you a long time without producing any rust on your vehicle. (U.P: $23-$28)

20% off on VERTIX Helmet Intercom

Be safe when you install a VERTIX Helmet Intercom on your helmets whenever you ride or cycle. With clear sound and noise cancellation features, VERTIX intercoms is definitely a great deal.

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10% off on Enduristan Waterproof Bags

Safeguard your belongings from the rain with Enduristan Waterproof bags. These bags are reliable and well-known to in keeping your belongings dry without any compromise.

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