Your availability is the time when you are available to actively receive orders. As a rider, you let us know when you are available to work which we then match to the number of riders that we need on the road at these times. This means that we always have the right number of riders on the road to meet customer demand which helps protect your earnings.

We are working with an external software called Staffomatic for all availability matching. They are available on web and also in app.

Download them here to input or check them on the go at iOS / Android / Web!

Log into Staffomatic and look for the delivery area you want to work in. Click on the shaded (with lines) boxes and select “Apply” or “Register Bindingly”.

When you Apply, it is not confirmed yet – this availability still needs to be matched by us. We’ll send you an email once the application is confirmed, usually on Friday.

When you Register Bindingly, it is immediately approved and there is no need to check back.

You can book your availability anytime throughout the week. Just note that the slots for next week open every Monday. You should input them before Tuesday if you want them matched according to your priority access.

Your availability is matched based on your priority access. This is determined based on how regularly you choose to attend the availability you have booked in advance and what percentage of the time you work is during our busiest “peak” times (Fri 11-2pm, Sun 5-8pm).

1. Work on your priority access.
Attendance is determined by the number of hours that you are logged in versus your matched availability hours. Acceptance is the number of orders offered that you accept. Peak participation simply means whether you are available to receive orders at our busiest times (Friday lunch and Sunday dinner)

2. Consider other delivery areas.
Sometimes your delivery area might be too popular and all slots are taken up but not in a neighbouring area. If it means getting more hours and hence higher earnings – why not?

We understand that sometimes you have last minute appointments – simply put up a swap request on Staffomatic for someone else to pick it up.
To put up a swap request, select the slot which you are unable to work in. Click on Trade.