Delivery zones

Free Login

Deliveroo operates across 19 areas in Singapore that are called zones. All zones are free login zone. In these zones, you can log in when you want to work and begin accepting orders, with no need to book sessions in the Planner.

Below is a map of our delivery zones in Singapore, correct as of Monday 13th May, 2019:

Where is the best place to log in?

Below is a list of recommended login spots for all zones. We suggest logging in at one of these spots in order to maximise the number of orders you will be offered.

Telegram chat groups

We have set up official Telegram groups for each zone, so that riders can communicate with one another more effectively. Visit our Telegram page for further information and links to the groups for each zone.

Please note that Deliveroo staff do not monitor the rooms or respond to any messages. If you need assistance, please visit our Help Centre.