Rider App Issues

Download the rider app now!

If it seems to load forever: Kill the app by closing it. Reopen it and click Login. Make sure that you have 3G/4G signal, otherwise speak to your mobile operator.

If an error message pops up, fill up this form and we will get it sorted from there!

On the Home Screen click Forget > Request PIN. Enter your 8 digits mobile number and you will receive your pin via SMS. It may take a few minutes to come through, so do be patient. Enter the PIN and click Continue.

An automated logout is triggered when your rider app loses connection with our system for 15 minutes. Always make sure that you are actively checking your rider app and in a place with good signal.

The reject button is only available in the latest version of the rider app. To check for app updates: Open your rider app and select Settings > Check for app updates. Update if needed and see if your reject button works.

If it still fails, write to [email protected] with screenshots of how it is not working out for you. We will sort it out from there!