Introducing distance-based fees

We’ve listened to what is most important to you and today we’re announcing three new features for all fee-per-delivery riders in Singapore.

New delivery screen
showing you the full journey, including customer details before you accept

In-app earnings
keep track of all your completed orders and earnings in real-time

Fairer, distance-based fees
paying you more for longer distances

These features will be live for all fee-per-delivery riders on Tuesday 4th September, 2018. Read below for more information.

New delivery screen

You can now see more details about every delivery before you accept it.

- The full journey - from your current location to the restaurant plus the customer location
- The full delivery fee (this will change for every delivery based on estimated distance)
- The option to accept or reject the delivery

Plus, you can continue to choose which orders to accept and which to reject, with no impact to your stats.

You can access more details about the fee for each order by tapping on the total. The fee breakdown will also show any peak hour incentives that might be included, and the extra fee for motorcyclists if applicable.

In-app earnings

See your earnings in the app, in real-time, giving you a quick and easy way to keep track of your completed orders and your day-to-day earnings, extra fees and tips – plus more.

How can I access this feature?

You can see your earnings page from the menu on the left-hand side of the app.

What information does it provide?

  • Your daily earnings – Both your fees and the number of orders you complete each day, in real-time.
  • Your current summary – A full summary of every order you’ve completed and the earnings you’ve made during the pay period.
  • Your previous activity – You can see a weekly and monthly breakdown of your previous activity and earnings. Hassle-free storing of all invoicing.
  • Your completed orders in more detail – Tap through to individual orders to see the breakdown of each one.

Will I still receive emails after every order?

No. Thanks to this new feature, you’ll now be able to track your earnings in the app, in real-time, whenever you want. Your inbox is about to become much cleaner!

Distance-based fees

From Tuesday 4th September, we’re introducing fees that change for every delivery based on the distance you travel. This new delivery fee is made up of three main parts:

$3 pick-up fee + $2 delivery fee + $X variable distance fee
+ incentives during peak times + $1 extra for motorcycle riders

In September 2018, the minimum total delivery fee is set at $5 per delivery. The minimum delivery fee is set each month, based on customer demand, to help ensure you always make great fees. This is the lowest fee you will be offered, with potential to see much higher fees for longer distance orders.

We believe you should make as much, if not more, from this new and fairer fee structure. For the first two pay cycles, we’ll guarantee that you will earn at least the same amount for the number of orders you complete in each pay period of distance-based fees, compared to how much you would have made with the fixed fee-per-delivery system. If you don’t, we’ll pay you the difference.

An additional fee of $1 will apply to any orders completed by motorcycle riders. There are also incentives that apply to all orders assigned during peak times:

So you can see what the new structure could look like in practice, and how that compares to the previous fixed-fee system, below are some example orders:

Why are we introducing distance based fees?

87% of riders in Singapore have told us that you want to be paid more for longer distances, and we agree. Longer distance deliveries often take a longer time to complete.

A fixed fee for every delivery doesn’t reflect that every delivery is different. We believe it is fairer that riders who choose to do longer distances get paid more for those deliveries. This new fee system pays based on the distance and time that each delivery will take to complete.

Why are you doing this now?

More and more, customers want access to their favourite restaurants. They want greater choice and the ability to order from anywhere. This often means restaurants that are further away.

We believe it’s important that riders are paid more for longer orders and we’ve spoken to hundreds of riders who also feel this way. Distance-based fees will give you access to higher delivery fees when travelling longer distances. Remember you can always choose whether you accept or reject any order.

Will this affect everyone?

This distance-based fee structure will be introduced for all fee-per-delivery riders in Singapore from Tuesday 4th September, 2018. If you are an hourly rider and would like to switch to the fee-per-delivery scheme, please let us know

What if I make less money after the change?

We believe you should make as much, if not more from this new, fairer fee structure. If you don’t, we’ll pay you the difference. For the first two pay cycles, we’ll guarantee that you will earn at least the same amount for the number of orders you complete in each pay period compared to how much you made in the final pay period of the fixed fee per delivery. If you don’t, we’ll pay you the difference.

For example, if you earned $6 per delivery on the fixed fee system and you completed 10 orders in a pay cycle, this would be equivalent to $60. If you then complete 10 orders on the distance-based fee system, but earn $58 in the first pay cycle, then Deliveroo will pay you an additional $2 to ensure that you earn as much as you would have on the fixed fee system.

The new system is designed with longer distance deliveries in mind, which means that riders who accept more long-distance orders are likely to earn more, too.

What is the minimum amount I will make for a delivery?

The minimum possible fee for a delivery is $5 for cyclists and $6 for motorcyclists. Remember, there are additional incentives for orders delivered during peak times, and a variable distance fee that applies to compensate you for any deliveries that require you to travel farther. Therefore, the minimum amounts will only apply to orders with short delivery times that take place during non-peak hours.

This minimum delivery fee is set to reflect expected customer demand to give you even more security in what you earn. They will be reviewed periodically, and may change from time to time. If they do, we’ll let you know in advance.

What is the fee per KM?

The calculation is based on a combination of the distance an order will travel, as well as the time we expect it may take to complete. This calculation is specific to your area – because the time it takes to travel 2km in Tampines will be different to 2km in the CBD.

What about the $2 distance fee introduced earlier this year?

In April 2018, we introduced a distance fee of $2 for every order that had a total delivery distance greater than 3 kilometres. This was calculated using a straight-line distance “as the crow flies” between the rider, restaurant, and customer.

The new distance-based fee structure replaces this incentive, by offering a fairer, variable distance fee that will change depending on the expected length of the order you are offered. It also means we will no longer be using distances measured “as the crow flies” – because you are not a crow!

What will I be paid for a cancelled order?

In the rare case of a customer cancelling an order, you will still receive the pick up fee of $3.

What will I be paid for stacked orders?

For a stacked delivery you make:

$3 pick up fee + $2 delivery fee (first) + $2 delivery fee (second) + variable distance fee for both deliveries + incentives during peak times + $1 extra for motorcycle riders

What if a customer cancels during a stacked order?

If either customer cancels during a stacked order, then it will automatically recalculate to become a single order. You can choose to accept this update, or unassign.

What will I be paid for large orders?

From time to time, customers will place a large order that means more than one rider will be assigned to fulfil it. This feature is designed to make things easier for you, as the food is divided between two or more riders. Consequently, this will appear as a single order when it is offered to you.

Remember, you do not need to wait for the other rider(s) to arrive at the restaurant if you’re delivering a large order. Simply pick up your share of the delivery from the restaurant and head straight for the customer’s location. They will be informed to expect the staggered arrival of their food, so you can move on to your next order more quickly.

If the fee changes for every order, how can I calculate how much I have made?

You can continue to track your earnings through the invoice you receive each pay period – which shows how much you have made on each day you’ve worked.

You can now also track your fees in-app. The in-app My Earnings tool lists all of the deliveries you have completed and the fee for each one.

Will these fees change?

Please note that these fees are subject to change. Deliveroo may decide to increase or decrease some of the fee components, including incentives, depending on factors such as customer demand.

The minimum delivery fee is set each month, based on customer demand, to help ensure you always make great fees. This is the lowest fee you will be offered, with potential to see much higher fees for longer distance orders.

If I choose to be unassigned from a delivery after I have picked it up will I still be paid the pick up fee?

The delivery fee that you see before accepting an order is the full fee for completing that delivery.

This includes a $3 fee for pick-up, $2 fee for drop-off and an additional fee which varies depending on the distance of the order. This breakdown of the fee gives you greater visibility of the minimum fee you can expect to be paid for every order. However, the full fee is paid when you complete the delivery that you accept.

You can choose to reject or unassign from any order you are offered, however this means that you decline the fee offered. It is not possible to be paid for the pick-up only fee only if you choose to be unassigned from the delivery before it is completed.

What if I take a different route to the one suggested in the app?

We suggest the route offered in-app to help you reach the customer. But it’s totally up to you which route you take – you’re the expert!

Will I be paid more if it takes longer than expected or if I take a different route?

The fee for each delivery is calculated based on the distance as well as how long it is expected it will take you to complete the delivery safely. This fee will still stay the same – whether it takes you more or less time than we expected – however you are free to take your preferred route to complete the delivery.

What if the restaurant makes me wait too long?

The fee we offer for every order takes into account how long we expect it will take to complete the full order (from acceptance, to collection at the restaurant, travel to the customer, and completing the delivery). This is based on a zone level to make it accurate in your area, since some zones are more challenging than others.

From time to time there may be some delays – but you should not be regularly kept waiting at restaurants. If a restaurant is making you wait too long, you can unassign.

If you know of any restaurants that regularly keep you waiting too long, please let us know through the restaurant feedback form.

Can I reject deliveries I don’t want to do?

Yes. You are completely free to choose which deliveries you want to complete and which you would rather reject. This has no impact on your statistics.