Distance-based fees

Introducing distance-based fees for FPD riders

We are pleased to announce that, from Monday 16th April, all fee per drop (FPD) riders will be offered an additional $2 for every order that has a total delivery distance greater than 3 kilometres.


Starting Tuesday 4th September 2018, the new distance-based fee structure replaces this incentive, by offering a fairer, variable distance fee that will change depending on the expected length of the order you are offered. The above incentive will no longer apply to any fee-per-delivery riders.

How is the distance calculated?

Total delivery distance is the combined distance travelled to the restaurant from the location at which the rider receives the request, plus the distance from the restaurant to the customer.

Please note: these distances are calculated in a straight line (“as the crow flies”) from each location instead of using the actual route taken. As a result, there may be some rare cases wherein a rider does travel over 3km but will not receive the extra $2 fee because the total straight line delivery distance was still less than 3km.

It is not possible for any rider to artificially increase their distance travelled, because distances are pre-calculated based on: (a) the rider’s initial GPS location, (b) the restaurant location, (c) the customer’s location.

Am I eligible for the new distance fee?

All FPD riders, regardless of vehicle, will receive the extra $2 fee for every completed order that has a total delivery distance greater than 3 kilometres.

For FPD riders, time spent traveling on long-distance orders is time that could be spent earning. If you are not an FPD rider, the option to work with us on this flexible payment model is available to you at any time. Please email [email protected] if you’d like to switch or need more information.