Tips to Earn More

See below for 5 tips to earn more with Deliveroo!

Remember that you can always increase your availability hours, be it other days or other delivery areas!
Hint: Sometimes neighbouring areas can surprise you with both hours and orders! The key is to keep an open mind and try it out.

Priority access to booking is available to riders who provide the most consistent, quality service. This is determined based on the following:

1. Attendance – percentage of booked sessions you’ve attended.
2. Late cancellation – percentage of sessions you’ve cancelled with less than 24-hour notice
3. Super-peak participation – the number of sessions you’ve worked during the busiest periods

This increases chances of you receiving continuous orders while at work, therefore earning much more with the same time spent during quieter periods!
Hint: The busiest times are Friday lunch and Sunday dinner, in SGCT and SGBQ.

In the 1st episode, see how Fitri managed 43 deliveries in a day!

That is $250 per rider you introduce, paid out once he/she completes 30 orders! Check out Rooferrals for more information.

Straight from the Roos #1 - Fitri shares his secret recipe to conquering Tanglin!