We’re hosting a Deliveroo Futsal Tournament, and you’re invited!

In September 2018, we’re hosting a futsal tournament for all active Deliveroo riders. Zone-based teams will battle head-to-head for the chance to reach the final and win the Roo Cup! We’re looking for teams of seven riders to participate.

When and where will the games take place?

The tournament will begin in September, and we will release full details of venues and game times later in the month. Deliveroo will cover the cost of hiring the pitch!

Who will be on my team?

We are encouraging riders to speak to others in their zone and assemble their own teams. We recommend joining the Telegram group for your zone to see who else is interested. Teams must consist of seven active Deliveroo riders, with a majority of those coming from the same delivery zone. There can be more than one team per zone.

What are the rules of the game?

The games played will be five-per-side, including the goalkeeper. Teams of seven are needed, which includes two substitutes for the game itself or in-case one or more players are unable to attend. We shall release a full set of rules later this month before the game begin.

How do we sign up?

Once you have a group of seven riders who would like to play together, make sure that everyone is an active Deliveroo rider and that a majority of them come from the same zone. Then, nominate a team captain and have them register a their details, the team name, and every player’s rider ID in this form.